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East Bohemia

Get all the must-sees of East Bohemia such as:

- The Giant Mountains National Park

- The city of Pardubice

- The city of Hradec Králové


Get all the must-sees of Moravia-Silesia such as:

- The city of Ostrava

- The Beskids

- The Jeseníky Mountains

South Moravia

Get all the must-sees of South Moravia such as:

- The city of Brno

- The Moravian Karst

- The Podyjí National Park

North Bohemia

Get all the must-sees of North Bohemia such as:

- Ještěd

- The city of Liberec

- The Český ráj National Park

Winter sports

Get all the information for winter sports in the Czech Republic such as:

- The best ski resorts

- Organization of the ski passes

- The best winter activities


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- The latest holiday homes

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South Bohemia

Central Bohemia

West Bohemia